Tuesday, August 01, 2006

40 Party

Back in the day when I used to work in restaurants, I often hosted a weekly "40 Party" for my co-workers. Admission to the party was a 40 ouncer, and many drinks, smokes, and card games ensued. Basically, it was a chance for everyone to hang out in a non-work environment. Looking back on it all, I'm amazed how well we all got along and I think it strengthened our working relationships.

You do an awful lot of reflection when you wake up and realize that tomorrow you actually turn 40 years old. It's definitely not a panic situation - but I find myself thinking much more about the past than the future. It's a moment when you cross a few of those unmet lofty goals off your list, but also realize you accomplished some wonderful things you never set out to do in the first place.

(By the way, 40 is NOT the new 20. My knees tell me so.)

Here's a look back to a happy time - when I was younger and my parents got me my first set of wheels.

Bonus points if you can guess which birthday that was.

To celebrate this year, my awesome sisters are taking me to Turning Stone for a little (err, a lot of) poker action. So if you happen to head out there this weekend, I'll be the guy with the Buffalo shirt on patiently waiting for a split-pot game to get going.

Keep cool, everyone.

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Ignatious said...

happy 40th sir!

mine is looming.