Wednesday, September 27, 2006

The Domino Effect & Buffalo With Mullet

William Hill poker just canned US players today - I think exactly 30 days after I signed up for rakeback there. Add UK and Littlewoods.... and half of the Cryptologic sites now hate on Americans. I would think odds favor the other Crypto sites follow suit.

I need to make a decision on the future of my online gaming. A Canadian bank account and mail box might just happen next month. If legislation passes blocking IP's, add a Canadian ISP wireless laptop card is also on my shopping list.

All of these bannings may force me to bonus whore sportsbooks instead. (In New York it is not illegal to place a wager.) Oh, the irony - the pending congressional legislation is designed to stop online wagering. Yet it is getting harder to play poker and easier to place sports bets.

Next week hockey starts up - happy, happy, joy, joy - and The Sabres promised to bring back blue & gold. Oh, they did... with an abomination of a uniform. Although I'm happy they got rid of the angry goat's head logo, the new logo is wildly unpopular in Buffalo. It has been called buffalo with mullet, expunged buffalo and projectile vomiting buffalo, amongst others. Judge for yourself:

Football Lock of the Week: NCAA, Rutgers (-3.5) @ S. Florida. Rutgers might just win the Big East now that Louisville has injury issues. NFL, Vikings (+1) @ Bills. I hate going against Buffalo, but have they won a close game in forever? Uhh... No. [2006 Record 4-3]

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