Thursday, May 24, 2007

Bots, Blood & Buildings

I guess I missed out on the 2+2 bot controversy. ANYONE playing online poker should expect to encounter bots, especially in HE ring games. Why are people surprised by this?

Repeat some of my poker mantras and chill out about the bots:

"I will learn all of the poker games, not just hold 'em."
"Learning all of the poker games will improve my hold 'em play."
"Bots have no advantage over a human opponent in tournaments."
"Game selection is the important first step to playing well."

I watched the Lost finale last night. Charlie went from one scene bloodied like an overripe tomato, to the next scene with no blood or puffiness on his face (getting the code), to bloody again in his last scene. Methinks the Abrams family is mailing it in the rest of the way. I did like Hugo saving the day. Also, Jack called Kate "Kitty" in the last scene - I don't remember that before.

Not only is there a casino being built in downtown Buffalo, but there might be another one in my back yard. This would be awesome, not having to drive 1-2 hours to play live. Also, Turning Stone is a no alcohol facility, which equals no drunk tourists in the poker room.

The local farmers staved off sovereignty around Cayuga Lake, but the federal agreement in place will allow for gaming somewhere in CNY. Cayuga county needs the economic boost the gaming resort would provide. You farmers can't have it both ways - taking federal subsidies to pad your wallets, while trying to block the same government (helping you) from making this deal for the county.

And poker players can't have it both ways - playing live and bitching about the rake, while playing online and bitching about bots.

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