Sunday, October 26, 2008

Stunned. I Killed It. (And A Secret.)

I'm sitting here on a Sunday night following a rather "blah" WS Game 4. I found Game 3 much more interesting with its shifts, subs, strategy and general chaos on the base paths. I don't see the Rays coming back from 3-1.

The news flash of the day is that I exceeded my own expectations at fantasy sports. I managed to cash in 59 of 68 contests for a whopping +110.34% ROI. I was hoping to have a day like this for some time. I felt my strategy would pay off if I had a high scoring day. In spades, it did.

I managed to win the Chase contest, and improve on my high score. Three weeks to go.

I won my BFFB2 contest, but don't know just yet if I improved my position. Got 2nd in the SWDP contest, again waiting on overall standings.

I really don't consider myself a fantasy football expert. I certainly don't watch many games. But I will tell you this: I use a formula for picking my roster and I use a strategy for choosing my contests. There is NO intuition involved. I don't read souls.

So I'm a little stunned at my success this year.

But here's the real secret I haven't shared until now - I've spent the last six months working on a book about daily fantasy strategy. With 13 months of contests complete, I think I have a large enough sample to prove my strategies work.

However, each week I'm becoming more hesitant to publish my book. It will liven up a bunch of dead money. I'm not exactly sure if I would make more on the games or the book.

In summary, I killed it today. Not a bad way to make some cash on a lazy Sunday. ("Tim Horton's apple fritter mad crazy delicious!")


on_thg said...

Wow. Nice score!

lemoyneken said...

As I disciple of the formula, I feel I can be on the book flap with the quote, "It really works!"

Buffalo66 said...

LOL, this is an unpaid endorsement of the Buffalo66 fantasy football system.

Schaubs said...

I'd subscribe...

Nice work!