Friday, October 31, 2008

There Were Some Donations On My Behalf

(Unfortunately, they are not the tax deductible kind.)

Since my one day record on Sunday, it's been a downhill week. Monday and Tuesday were a wash, one winner and one loser.

Wednesday was a moderate loser, thanks to my blissful ignorance of Carmelo Anthony's suspension. He scored zero for my rosters and I lost several contests by less than ten points. Oops.

Thursday was a big loser, my biggest in a few months. Sidney Crosby got hurt, and I was swept in all 14 hockey contests I played. It happens.

The bad night really put a dent in my October ROI. While I'm still on pace for a record month, it stings a little.

I won a few hoops contests but I am still on a learning curve. I'm hoping the lessons will not be too expensive.

While I have no expectations of repeating last Sunday's monster success, a winner would be nice to get me out of this funk.

Football plays: CFL, Hamilton @ Edmonton (-6.5). Playing out the string. NCAA, West Virginia (-3.5) @ UConn. Big East title is wide open race. NFL, Steelers (+1) @ Redskins. Pittsburgh should contain big plays. [2008 YTD 15-21-1 <--- Thanks, Arizona for the fake FG try.]

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