Thursday, November 06, 2008

Still Bleeding

Another down week so far. Like last week, Monday and Tuesday were a wash. Wednesday was another loser. Although I'm only down a little this week, this is a trend I hope to avoid in the future.

I've been playing hoops and hockey - there is far more traffic on the basketball side. While I am cashing regularly, I'm not cashing enough to turn a profit. As I gather more data, I'm fearing that basketball has the same volatility as baseball.

If this turns out to be the case, I'll only play hoops lightly, just a few multis each night.

[Case in point - playing a 10 player multi - I have 7 of 9 roster spots identical with the winner. Yet I finish 9th - with both of my unique players scoring well. Might as well be throwing dice.]

Hockey has been down again this week, although my goalies have been producing. The last two weeks have been great for the users who let their entire roster ride on one or two teams. While this is not a long term winning strategy, it's working for them.

I'm VERY disappointed that the hockey ranking cap pool is not managed like the football cap. I thought it was a mathematical model, but it is obvious that it's done arbitrarily. There are some players way overpriced and some way under priced. Like 50-100 points off.

Some football player values move 100 points week to week. Hockey still has top 5 goalies priced between 50-80 points, plus skaters on the IR over 110 points.

The only reason I'm bitching about this is that a change in the values will force users to draft differently. FSL is making it too easy for them right now.

Football picks tomorrow.

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