Wednesday, March 11, 2009

(Gearing Up For) El Grandes Ligas Beisbol

Things have been fairly quiet at Buffalo HQ. March has been a break even month so far, although the last day at Snapdraft put me slightly in the red.

No NASCAR this week, so just hockey contests. But I'm greatly anticipating the start of MLB, mostly because of a plethora of fantasy options. Because of this, I've decided to skip any poker until after the first month of the baseball season.

I'll do a write-up of the different available fantasy sites soon. I've noticed that all of the sites (except Snapdraft) are keeping their 2009 scoring systems hidden until the contests launch. I expect FSL to tweak their system from last year's model.

I'm working on a new multimedia presentation and I expect some form of progress to show itself on this blog in the coming week.

Finally, this is blatantly stolen from Apparently Hitler is quite the Bills fan:

(I guess this is NSFW if you are offended by Adolph Hitler...)

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