Monday, March 23, 2009

LOL Disqualifiaments

I am "jury duty free" for the next 6 years.

Not exactly sure what happened. The court decided not to convene this week, maybe the judge is on vacation. Anyhoo, my service is complete.

I signed up for 6 Sprint+qualifying NASCAR contests. I was pretty sure the qualifying started at 6:40pm. To my surprise, I logged in at 3:45pm and saw the contests were already running.

Oops. No roster, no points. Thanks for the donation. (That's what happens when you take on too many things at once.)

However, I loaded up on the Sprint+Nationwide contests and cleaned up. Despite the 6 DQ's and getting swept in hockey, I STILL MANAGED A WINNING SUNDAY. Oh, I like apples. I like them apples very much.

Getting psyched for baseball to start.

Snapdraft has become a disappointment lately. This month has been the opposite of last, losing all of my profits. I said it would be mile high variance and it has come to fruition. I can't seem to pick two winning goalies on the same night.

At the last minute, I decided to try Snapdraft's NASCAR contest and came away very dissatisfied. In order to make it a multi-event contest, they add one NBA player. Also you are allowed to draft 8 drivers - and you can afford the 8 most expensive choices.

I think it is also weighted too much towards the NBA side. The driver finishing 1st scores only 55fp, while a 20/10 NBA player might drop 60-70fp. It's just not a good game, I won't be playing it in the future.

BTW, my NBA player choice on Sunday? Al Jefferson. Out for the season. FAIL.

LOL Torn ACLaments.

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