Monday, April 20, 2009

The Mojo Is Found

My intertubes have been down all day. It's just as well - I wasn't planning on playing today.

I'm hoping I've finally figured out a winning baseball strategy.

Early returns (since my 1st week meltdown) have been good. Last night was a winner, cashing 9 of 17 for a +63.38% ROI. I've had two good winners, one loser and one break even since I launched the modified attack.

However, NASCAR failed to help the bottom line. I only cashed in 2 of 8 attempts this week. My picks were solid, but they didn't lead very many laps. This put me one outside the money in 4 contests.

Although my bankroll is nowhere near where it was in January, I feel much better about things heading into the summer. I have solid information and strategy to carry me through the next few months. I just need traffic to stay steady or improve.

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