Friday, May 29, 2009

Some Days, Things Are Looking Up A Little Bit.

It's been pretty quiet around these parts. I guess quiet is good.

With two days left in the month, I'm sitting with an ROI of +12.51%. It's highly unlikely I will finish the month down, although the final ROI could swing several points in either direction.

A winning May would put 2009 at W-L-W-L-W. I need a winning June to resume my W-W-L ratio.

I've been playing well within my bankroll, which is extremely boring (to write about). But it's smart. I understand how those big time poker players feel when they play a tiny buy-in event. Little juice = little excitement.

I can see why those poker players look for stakes to the big events. I've also thought about looking for a backer. I'm not sure I could find a good arrangement in today's economy.

Even with the small stakes, I still take every contest seriously. My picks have become more quantitative over time, leaving most of the decisions up to the numbers. I try to leave most of the gut decisions out of it, although weather and game-time decisions often make me choose the sure thing over the riskier pick.

Things are going to be slower until football. Only baseball and NASCAR until September.

I finally broke through in NASCAR, with a clean sweep in the multis. (All 1st places except one 2nd place.) It's streaky, somewhat feast or famine, like football.

I have some new web projects I'm working on, I hope to make an announcement soon. I'm also considering doing a podcast. I may just stick to audio, I'm not so sure I want my ugly mug on youtube.

Have a great weekend.

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