Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Close, But No Cigar.

I managed to take a run at the $110 bonus for scoring 110 pts on FSL:

A few others have come close to 100, but I don't think anyone else has scored higher to date.

Although I am coming off two losing nights, this has a chance to be my best month of baseball ever. My July ROI sits at +26.26% going into tonight's contests.

It's been somewhat quiet here lately... but stick with me, dear readership. I have a big announcement coming here shortly.

I realize I have teased this before, but I'm up against a deadline - so I have to spill the beans soon. Stay tuned.

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lemoyneken said...

Very disappointed that FSL dropped the NASCAR games. Haven't played since. I play the weekly sports (football & racing) better than those daily ones. Wish they had a golf contest....