Tuesday, September 29, 2009

All Systems Go!

I had a quiet and comfortable weekend. I managed to break my CFL losing streak, hitting all three of my football picks.

In the fantasy world, things are also turning up positive. This weekend I tallied:

5 of 6 wins on Fan Duel, ROI +50.00%.
6 of 10 wins on Snapdraft, ROI +148.89%.
14 of 24 wins (cashes) on Fantasy Sports Live, ROI +65.14%.

If you want results like this, you should subscribe to dailyfantasyprojections.com. I certainly made more profit than the price of a subscription in only ONE DAY.

I managed a decent score in SWDP, but lost to Pauly mostly because my kicker scored a rousing TWO points. Pauly's scored 14 and I lost by 11 - so there's your difference.

They are talking about going to a 40-man multi player for SWDP, paying only 5 spots. I'm really not in favor of this - they would be turning the contest into the lottery style game that Blinders claims to despise about Snapdraft.

If they do this I just may pass on the series and take my chances on the high score prize.

Hockey starts in two days! Woot!

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