Wednesday, September 02, 2009

Let's Light This Candle

Football is here! Only one more week before goes to a subscription basis.

I've been playing poker when time (and my computer) permits. Since I installed Vista service pack 2 everything went to hell. I rolled it back but there is some insanity going on with the hard drive.

I love my netbook as a backup, but it's just not useful for heavy duty computing. Especially with my number crunching.

I've been running sooper goot at the 7CS and Stud8 tables.

Football picks: CFL, Toronto (+6) @ Hamilton. I'm still picking on the Ti-Cats until they show consistency. NCAA, Minnesota (-6.5) @ Syracuse. There's no "d" in Syracuse. Or "o" for that matter. [2009 YTD 4-3]

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