Monday, October 05, 2009

Fantasy Musings

I had a decent Sunday, it was very profitable. On FSL I cashed in 25 of 35 contests for an ROI of +102.90%. My Snapdraft contests have not settled yet, but I expect I didn't do as well over there. I scored well in SWDP but didn't cash. I'm 4th overall with one week to go.

In daily fantasy site news:

-It appears Draftbug has stopped offering contests altogether. I don't know if that platform will remain active... I imagine it could disappear any day.

-Snapdraft seems to have reduced/eliminated their freerolls, replacing them with "100% payout" contests (similar to FSL $1 contests). I'm not sure if this is to combat multi-accounting, or perhaps they just got tired of giving away free money.

-Fan Duel has launched salary cap contests to go with their auto draft offerings. All of the contests are HU, but I'm really impressed with the site. I hope to play there much more in the future.

My desktop is still running, but slower than I would like. So I'm sticking to smaller posts until the issue is resolved.

Carry on.

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