Monday, October 19, 2009

My Desktop Is Dead, I'm Still Alive

The main hard drive on my PC is fried, I cannot get it to load any OS. Time for a replacement. Living off the netbook for the time being.

It was a very strange week all around. My recent illness was not the flu - I didn't have any respiratory distress, but I did have all of the other symptoms: fever, shakes, sweats, chills, etc. I'm still feeling a little lethargic, but good enough to get around.

Obviously, I didn't get around to making any football picks last week.

In my fantasy world, I have been CRUSHING (perhaps wafflecrushing?) fantasy hockey all around. I believe I have won outright 24 of my last 25 contests on FSL. Snapdraft has been almost as good. One night recently was a perfecto, going 15 of 15, which included three 25-player victories.

Week 6 football was a mixed bag, but a profitable one. I eked out a winner on FSL, cashing in 12 of 31 contests for a meager $12 profit.

On Fan Duel I was destroyed in all 5 auto-draft contests. I picked Aaron Rodgers first, so all of my opponents got Jones-Drew 2nd and Tom Brady later. (I do have an outside shot at one victory if Antonio Gates scores 10 points tonight.)

However, On Snapdraft I had another huge day. I'm on pace to win around 25 of my 30 contests, which won't be settled until after Monday Night Football.

My most impressive feat of the weekend was winning a 25-player multi on FSL without Tom Brady on my roster. That certainly shows the strength of my daily fantasy projections.

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