Monday, October 26, 2009

Partly Profitable With A Chance of Winnings Through The Weekend

I managed to suffer through a quite nasty losing streak in hockey, putting up losing numbers on all three sites most of the week.

However, Sunday was kinder to me, putting winners up across the board. Most of my profits on FSL came from NASCAR, where I won every contest save two. I profited slightly on football, just barely in the black again.

I swept all 5 football contests on Fan Duel and also won a hockey contest for a perfect Sunday. I had swooned lately over there - after a hot 10-2 start, it took this perfecto to get me back over .500 lifetime at 22-21.

Snapdraft hasn't settled yet but I'm looking at another winning Sunday, since my only player left (Celek) shouldn't score negative points.

I'm in the process of getting all of my stats updated, which I will post on Twitter. I've been a winner on all four sites (Draftbug included) in September and October.

Oh, and I lost all three of my football picks. Meh.

Basketball starts tomorrow night - I'm hoping my daily fantasy projections can give me an edge this year.

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