Saturday, November 21, 2009

Mired In A Slump

Things have been pretty slow this week. I haven't found as much hockey action as I would care to play.

I've managed to whittle away my early big gains on FSL, although I am still profitable for the month.

Over on Fan Duel, I managed to put together twin 5-day losing streaks, sandwiched by a minute profit. I'm virtually assured of a losing month, barring going perfect the rest of the way.

I can't complain, it's been 3+ months since I've had significant losses on any site. You can't run good forever.

Even though I've been losing, no one has taken me up on my HU challenge. I'm not surprised.

I took last week off from football picks, I hope that doesn't cost me a winning year.

Picks: CFL, Calgary @ Saskatchewan (-3). I expect the 'Riders to make the Grey Cup game. NCAA, LSU (+4.5) @ Ole Miss. Bounce back game for the Tigers. NFL, Colts (-1) @ Ravens. Lines are huge this week, taking a coin toss. [2009 YTD 16-17.]

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lemoyneken said...

Possible Future Blog topic- I saw the Daniel Negreanu Poker show over the weekend and thought you might comment about it. Since you didn't, here's my opinion. I wasn't that excited about it because Daniel is playing for charity while the contestant plays for real bucks in his pocket. Just doesn't seem like Daniel will be fully invested in winning, other than for pride. Plus, it seems the flaw in the show is that they don't want the pro winning every week or they won't have any contestants for the final, but the pro losing to an amateur more than once just seems like it would lose credibility.