Monday, December 28, 2009

Do I Fail At Snapdraft Fail?

(In other words: Why you should be playing at Snapdraft!)

I've read several blog posts over the last few months about Snapdraft. Essentially, all of those posts equate Snapdraft as a horrible place to spend your fantasy dollar.

Snapdraft is a rake monster! Snapdraft cannot be beaten long term! Rubbish, I say.

First off, I've already proven Snapdraft can be beaten for a +20% ROI over a multi-year sample. (There was some serious run bad in that sample too.)

I readily admit that Snapdraft charges higher rake than the other major sites. But they make up for it - BIG TIME - in bonuses.

Each week, for the last seven weeks consecutively - I have received a 100% reload bonus offer from Snapdraft in my email. While most of these are in the $10-25 range, one was for $50 and another was $100.

(This does not even include two "no deposit" bonus offers for $10 and $25. Free moniez!)

All of that extra coinage in your bankroll will easily offset any extra rake. In fact, I would argue that it might make Snapdraft rake LOWER than at least one other major site.

I get absolutely nothing for saying this. There are no marketing relationships between me and Snapdraft. I'm just telling you about my personal experience.

In fact, there are still things I dislike about Snapdraft. They never reprice the players. They use almost no negative scoring. Their NASCAR game sucks inflamed elk testicles.

However, with the soft opponents and the constant reloads, I'll be back there again and again.

P.S. - I'm still on break from fantasy gaming while I handle my father's estate. I'll be back soon with a in-depth update.

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