Saturday, August 21, 2010

Buffalo66 Challenge Contest #7: Thumped

This writeup will be short and sweet, because it wasn't much of a contest.

Blinders crushed me 31-11. Results are here.

Halladay was far and away the favorite pitcher to get a win last night. However, after running my projections, Jon Lester predicted to have a better score.

So I swapped Halladay for Lester, with disastrous results. Lester had the worst outing of his career, giving up 9 runs in just two full innings.

Lester tallied -6 while Halladay cruised to a 19 point score. The 25 point difference was more than the final deficit.

I suppose I was due for a clunker after winning 5 in a row. The series now stands at 5-2 in my favor.

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