Monday, August 30, 2010

Finally, Daily Fantasy Projections Is Back!

I've deliberated long and hard on what to do with my Daily Fantasy Projections web site.

At one point I almost sold the site and domains.

I considered shutting it down because I thought it gave too much of my edge away.

I also felt I was giving away my information at a very steep discount.

So after thinking about things all summer long, I've decided to relaunch my service with some new twists:

1) Projections will be delivered via email. I will post after-the-fact projections on the web site for the public to see. The free projections will be rankings only, no numerical data.

2) I'm offering SEASON SUBSCRIPTIONS ONLY. The season subs are a la carte, meaning you can get one site of your choice or order all the sites for your sport. I've also added Draft Zone to the projections.

3) SUBSCRIPTIONS WILL ONLY BE OFFERED FOR THE 1st MONTH OF THE SEASON. This has a dual purpose: To ensure subscribers get value for their purchase and that focus is on providing the information (instead of drumming up sales).

For football I'm offering subscriptions through the first two weeks. I'll pull the offerings right before week 3 begins.

I expect the other sports will be offered through the first 30 days of the regular season.

Now it may seem like DFP just got more expensive, but it is still a great value. Single site football subs are priced at less than $5/week and the all-inclusive sub is priced at less than $7.50/week. Of course, this includes my email support to all subscribers.

I'm looking forward to football season and I hope to post another winning year!


Anonymous said...

are you going to offer projections for basketball and hockey?

Buffalo66 said...

Yes, of course I will offer projections for hockey and hoops.

Look for hockey to go on sale around October 1st. Basketball will be on sale near halloween.