Saturday, September 04, 2010

Buffalo66 Challenge Contest #8: Not Good Enough

With Blinders back from vacation, we were able to resume the challenge.

Blinders won his second in a row. The final score was 45-38. Results are here.

I wasn't really thrilled with my offensive lineup, but I didn't see much room for changes. Pretty much all of my players chipped in, except for Infante and Prado, who just seemed to mail it in versus Florida.

Meanwhile, Blinders jumped out to a 16-8 lead and never looked back. Hanley Ramirez had a big night and Carl Crawford added significant points.

I was able to cut the lead to one at 30-29 when Cole Hamels picked up the win after 7 shutout innings. But Matt Garza also picked up a win for Blinders, leaving me with slim hopes of catching up.

Without a long ball I was stuck in the 7-8 point deficit range.

One interesting note about this contest is that Blinders had 5 stolen bases. Those 10 points are more than the margin of victory.

It's so hard to project stolen bases because 98% of steals are situational. Only 1-2% of all major leaguers have the green light to steal under any circumstances.

The challenge sits at 5-3 in my favor, with Blinders picking the next date.

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