Thursday, September 09, 2010

Staging Area For A New Attack

I haven't played too much fantasy this week. Recent results were mixed.

I went 0 for my last 35 baseball contests on FSL. This pretty much assures me of my 1st ever losing baseball season, although I a still a lifetime winner with a very good ROI.

However, I did go 11 for 11 last weekend in NASCAR. I was disappointed I could only get action on FSL, while there was ZERO action on Draft Zone.

I have been slowly loading up on football contests as the NFL season begins tonight. I was pretty pleased with the week 1 projections I created as they really helped produce value picks when I needed them. Season subscriptions to football projections are still available on my DFP site.

Along with NFL, NHL hockey and NBA basketball start up this fall. This will give me a better menu of fantasy games to choose from. I'm especially excited to play autopick (draft) games, as these sports are much better suited to that model.

I have been limiting my bankroll for a better part of this year, mostly because of juggling a move and some new business ventures. But I am considering unleashing a lot more bankroll and play higher stakes. (This will assume that there is action available at higher stakes - GOOD action, not that loose salary cap crap.)

So September is basically a wait and see month, hoping that a good result will give the courage & desire to attack higher stakes when hockey starts up.

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