Monday, October 18, 2010

Buffalo66 Challenge Contest #15: Mistaken Identity

I managed to win the most recent football contest in the challenge. Estimated final score was 101-89. Results are here.

The reason I say "estimated" final score - it's because I still have a player active. But he'll probably never see the field in the Monday night game.

I saw Zach Miller in the player pool at a very attractive price. he was my #3 ranked TE. I just didn't realize there were TWO Zach Millers (spelling the same) in the NFL.

So with my 2nd rookie mistake of the challenge, I picked the backup Jaguars TE for my roster instead of the Raiders all-pro.

This blunder made have turned into a wonder for me, but the contest was close for most of Sunday.

We were neck and neck as the late games progressed, but a very questionable pass interference call in the DEN/NYJ game gave Blinders new life. A TD plunge for Tomlinson, plus a last minute drive by DEN. This was looking like a disaster for me.

Denver fumbled away their last chance after moving about 30 yards.

So I needed about 20 points to take the lead for good With Peyton Manning & Reggie Wayne playing Sunday night. They delivered just enough for a comfortable margin, despite several Indy turnovers.

I was surprised Blinders chose the regular cap, since he crushed me with the expert cap. I'm still not sure which I like better, although my record is better with the standard version.

This leaves the challenge at 9-6 in my favor, with my football portion lead at 2-1.

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