Sunday, January 23, 2011

Some Of You Are Starting To Catch On

I came across this thread on RG last week and I had to chuckle a bit.

Wow, people are upset with the inefficient pricing of Fan Duel cap games? Where have I heard that before?

Remember, Zoobird and Kaiseroll13 think the FD pricing is "Just about perfect." Of course they both represent the site, so there's no conflict of interest there, right?

Can you tell I'm a wee pissed at Fan Duel?

Forget the pricing issue and the ridiculous amount of team play going on. What really burns me up is the frozen roster issue that happened about 10 days ago.

The contests "started" 64 minutes before the scheduled time. All of my rosters were "placeholders", they were 3k priced fillers while I crunched my numbers needed to field a competitive team.

Why is this important? well, I have to compete with other FD users for public games in the lobby. It's first come, first served. So I just use a random roster to get the match ups, then use my real roster later.

Needless to say, I lost all of my contests, scoring zero points.

Now I understand glitches happen, but this is not the first time for this scenario on FD. If they cannot handle the volume of play correctly they should alter their offerings.

The final straw for me was how they handled the resolution. I did get refunded, but I had to jump through several hoops, including send the same information through contact form and emails THREE TIMES.

FD also promised reduced rake on large buy in contests. Hasn't happened. They also only offer a large field hockey contest once every two weeks (with a small guarantee).

I have spent well in excess of $25k in entry fees on FD. I just don't feel they have done enough to receive my continued play.

I'm involved in an upcoming promo on Fantasy Sports Live, which has a better hockey cap game IMO. I also understand Draftstreet has started offering hockey, which I might try out.

I have a lot going on outside of daily fantasy right now and I'm not exactly sure what is the best use of time. When I figure things out I'll let you know.

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