Friday, March 25, 2011

Seeking Positive Vibes

With this recent blast of winter, I've been struggling to keep a positive tact on things.

I've had a lousy two weeks fantasy wise, mostly losing since I took 1st & 2nd in a Draftstreet GPP on the 10th. That night pretty much saved my profitability for March.

What has me worried is that April has been my worst fantasy month every year since 2007. I had considered just taking it off, but I'm going to give it a go again. I'll probably just concentrate on Draftstreet baseball as my only active sport.

The "Beat Buffalo66" promo is almost over and I have to tip my hat to the regulars who did very well against me. The level of competition is much better in recent years. Combine that with my recent struggles and you have a lot of bonuses paid out.

I knew the promo was going to cost me some money, but I gave it a try to help boost the hockey traffic at FSL. It's a shame that they can't offer some bigger field contests over there.

I did manage to make a profit betting sports this month. After a losing Jan.-Feb. I managed to hit 63% of my picks so far in March. Although I was a painful 0-2 last night, I hope to come back a bit more by the end of the month.

I'm still shopping for a viable reduced juice book. My options are very limited at the moment.

I haven't been betting horses at all recently. It was the one activity that was crowded out of my schedule. There are a lot of big races coming up, maybe I will dedicate some days after the NCAA basketball is over.

I'm also waiting for the WSOP satellites to start. I want to play stud events only, so I'm hoping the big sites will offer 7CS satellites for these events.

It just seems like life is saying, "Hurry up and wait" for something good to happen. Then again, I've handled a steady diet of disappointment pretty well, IMO.


SirFWALGMan said...

-+===::: positive vibe :::===+-

Buffalo66 said...

That was easy.