Saturday, April 02, 2011

The April Curse Is Over

Four years. Horrible losing streaks every April since 2007. Sometimes the swings get bad enough to make me want to quit fantasy sports.

That all changed yesterday.

Wanting to help my focus, I decided to offers stakes to daily fantasy players. This allows me to concentrate on one site/sport at a time.

The very first horse I got going this year was my friend Brian. He was recently laid off from his job here in Buffalo.

So I gave him a little primer on how daily fantasy works and also shared my daily fantasy projections.

Off he went to Fan Duel on his first day.

I almost forgot... his username? thruthewickets.

So my first horse (on his 1st day of play) cashed for $8100 on 10 entries in the grand slam. 1st, 2nd, 12th & 13th. Yeah, it was a good day. Some thoughts:

-It was a combination of good karma & serendipity for this to even happen. I wasn't playing this tourney, no matter what.

-It was nice to see some of the top grinders drop a bunch of entries and whiff. Haters gonna hate. (It goes both ways, I guess).

-Once again, it shows that my projection model works. If I can take a newbie with a couple hours of training & some data and get those results - it speaks for itself.

Also, if anybody thinks they are worthy of being staked for daily fantasy, I'm always open to developing new relationships. If you've got grind on the mind, let me know.

It's about time I put a crew together to take on the other teams.

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