Thursday, April 14, 2011

To The Victor Goes The Spoils

(Sorry, this post is not about my awesome brother-in-law Victor.)

Every once in awhile you get to celebrate when your hard work has paid off. After having a fairly good start to 2011, I decided to add to my fleet of goofy looking scooters and/or motorcycles.

I found a month old craigslist ad and inquired if the vehicle was still for sale. It was, and I decided to buy it. Here it is, a 2010 SYM Symba in powder blue:

This bike has ONE mile on the odometer. It needs a wash and some fresh gas, but it starts right up and should be on the road soon.

I seriously considered padding my online bankrolls some more, but until I'm more certain of sending my funds overseas, I'd rather keep those funds in my driveway.

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