Thursday, May 05, 2011

Could This Be An Exotic Weekend?

As we've reached the first full weekend in May, it's time to talk a little horse racing. Derby day is upon us.

Since the poker shutdown pretty much killed my sports betting options, I've been concentrating on legal horse wagering. The weather has improved and more race cards are now available, which means more value betting for me.

I found a stellar rebate program (aka rakeback), which encourages me to make more exotic wagers. When a race comes along with multiple value horses, I pound it with various exacta, trifecta and/or superfecta combinations. These are the races that really make my ROI sparkle. Usually when I hit one of these, it's time to call it a day.

The Kentucky Derby is always a classic value race. The favorite has won only a few times in the last 30+ years. With 20 horses running (and no field betting options), it's almost certain to have a monster exotic payoff.

So sit back and enjoy the warmer weather. Pick your top 4 horses, and don't be afraid to box or wheel them as needed.

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