Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Failure To Launch (On Many Levels)

My internet service has been intermittent at best during the past week. It's been difficult to do anything online for a few days.

I want to give a shout out to Dr. Pauly for sending me a bunch of traffic this week. Check out all of his great blogging, plus his new book "Jack Tripper Stole My Dog" is coming out any day now.

It just seems like this year has been a bunch of hiccups for me. Poker was shut down, sports betting was effectively shut down, fantasy sports has been hit or miss all year. Horse racing had a few shining moments followed by some cold streaks.

In other words, nothing has been easy... Not that it should be, right?

I need to rededicate my focus on the opportunities that are still available to me. There are more large field fantasy contests then ever. I should be taking advantage of the dead money wallowing in these every day.

I feel ready to break out this next month if I can just shake off the rust and put in the time.

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DrPauly said...

Thanks for the JTSMD shout out!