Sunday, October 23, 2011

BBV: Blogger Block & Variance

Some of you might have noticed I haven't posted in awhile. The last few days I can blame on my ISP. Try entering 100+ fantasy football rosters on your cell phone. It's a bit stressful.

Otherwise, I just didn't feel like blogging much. Fantasy hockey has started up and that gets me good action almost every day. Fantasy football occupies most of my weekend and the tournaments are getting bigger prize pools each week. It's important to keep my focus on that.

My biggest beef with hockey so far is that Fan Duel had frozen the price movement of the player pool for the first 2+ weeks of the season. They have really tried to nurse interest in their hockey product, it seems they wanted to make the bargains so obvious even the newbies would recognize them.

I don't like it, but I understand if they are trying to suck the skill out of the game somewhat. The good fantasy hockey players are REALLY good.

Now the prices have finally started to move. Hopefully these cap games will become a little more skill based.

It's been a pretty amazing fall so far. Week 4 of NFL was a personal best for me. Between my own play and the players I stake, we had a record breaking net profit day. (Of course, week 5 was my worst week of the season so far, but I only gave back about $800.)

Hockey started out very strong as well. I've had two winning streaks over $1k, each followed by downswings around $500. Already a roller coaster less than three weeks in. Buckle up.

If you haven't heard yet, Fan Duel is launching fantasy college basketball this season. They are only spreading games between the top 6 power conferences. But I expect this to be a much better product than the NBA game, mostly because the injury info will be much more reliable. (The scoring table will be the same.)

Looks like it's going to be a busy winter after all!

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