Wednesday, April 18, 2012

I'm Back, Cranky As Ever

Greetings reader. Glad you stuck around.

It's been a crazy month away from the blog. The weather has been great, allowing me to scooter freely around the B-LO and interact with real life peeps.

However, I just finished the most difficult tax return of my entire life. I had to pay Uncle Sam (and NYS) a large chunk of change. A good portion of that was due to my fantasy sports play last year.

Baseball has started and I'm back playing daily. I even managed to finish first a few times already.

I plan on playing where the biggest every day tournaments are, because that is where the most dead money goes. Realistically, the best way to grow your bankroll is to play large field (along with bonus chasing & rewards). I feel if I was starting out now, it's so much easier to move up in stakes.

March Madness was mostly "March Sadness", as I went 6-12 through the opening rounds & regionals. I did redeem myself a bit during the final four, but betting full kelly can be destructive to your bankroll if you're on a losing streak. I'm right about back where I started since I got back from Vegas. I'll throw my stats up on twitter when I get around to catching up.

As usual, the DFS community (especially the ones that are affiliate driven) are apologists when it comes to bad deals for the players. I heard a podcast "round table" that unanimously agreed RAKE DOESN'T MATTER for the players. This is horse shit, unless your only objective is to lose money.

Another site launched a jackpot promo which at best is playing fast & loose with UIGEA carve out rules. It's a sucker play for the uninformed. It's basically a lotto ticket for fantasy baseball.

What I'm trying to say: If you're a smart shopper, it's pretty easy to make money in this racket.

Now get off of my lawn.


MichaelC said...

GPP = Lottery Ticket.

Stacking = Lottery Ticket.

Unlimited entries = Lottery Ticket.

Buffalo66 said...

So explain to me what is not a lottery ticket in DFS?

Are you trying to say DFS is all luck and no skill? Because if so, I'm the luckiest man alive.

MichaelC said...

I'm thinking 18 or so months.

Maybe less maybe more but the GPP money grab sealed the fate of DFS as we know it.

Move to Vegas or maybe Mexico if your hardcore like my man Cory Albertson ‏ @coryalbertson
Wonderjunkie, contributor to and, proud ginger, future sunscreen spokesman, seeker.

MichaelC said...

No What I'm saying is when you make sweeping changes to your scoring systems for no other reason than to more efficiently bring in the lowest common denom who literally might as well be playing bingo or stuffing their jacket pockets full of scratch offs till they finally hit a winner ie - "Unlimited" "STACKING" you go the way of the dodo hah