Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Would You Buy Your Way Into A Final?

Just a quck thought about the Fan Duel FFFC, since it seems to be generating a lot of interest.

If you had a "Condia sized" bankroll, would you buy your way into the FFFC final?

Since the $270 qualifiers are limited to 99 entries, would you buy all 99 entries to get a shot at the $150,000?

If you did buy all of the entries, it would only cost you $20,480 because you would receive all of the $6,250 runner-up prizes.

A finals seat has an average value of $14,583. However, you would need to finish 3rd or better to make a certain profit.

I'm assuming anyone as wealthy as Condia wouldn't mind taking a $5k loss for a shot at glory, right?


Anonymous said...

and we know he is wealthy how?

Buffalo66 said...

Condia easily put up $20k in NFL entries in one week multiple times last season. (He reached that on one site, and he played MULTIPLE sites.)

Who knows, maybe his money is all gone now. It's not really about him, more about would you do it if you had the cash?