Monday, March 30, 2015

Kelly Index Wagering Results 3/30

Helluva bounce back day.  Of course it was a smaller schedule (and a smaller bankroll), but I made up some ground.

I'm now posting a "Play of the day" (POD) on my twitter page.  It will usually be the upcoming kelly wager with the highest win probability.

3/30 starting bankroll:  1.06516

TB Lightning +111 W

Canucks +149 W
Blackhawks -102 W
Flames +149 W
Oilers +180 W
Sabres +166 W
LA Lakers +158 W
Celtics +147 W
Raptors -128 W
Hawks -356 W (POD)
Suns +320 L

Daily W-L:  10-1, +0.09716
Daily ROI:  +117.51%%
Cumulative W-L:  62-69, -0.08768
Cumulative ROI:  -5.97%
Ending bankroll:  1.16232

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