Wednesday, April 29, 2015

An Update On Things Not Currently Happening

Since last Friday I've been dealing with a lot of "off-line" issues that have interfered with the kelly experiment, among other things.

I've been on new medications while coincidently experiencing poor health recently.  I'm not sure if the two are directly related but it has impacted my daily life and needs to be investigated further.  I've had trouble sleeping which further exascerbates my energy levels.

Added to that is a surprising development that my lease may now be terminated and I'll be forced to move.  (The owners want to renovate the space.)  If this happens, I'll be even more unavailable to work on the new content I've planned to launch.

I just have to take care of me right now.  The numbers will always be there to crunch at a later date.  The huge amount of uncertainty in my life right now is soul crushing to my motivation.  I know things will sort themselves out over time, eliminating the anxiousness.

Thanks for tuning in here if you've been following me over the years.  This is not a goodbye, just a BRB.

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