Saturday, April 11, 2015

Kelly Index Wagering Results 4/11

My largest play won for a change but the POD lost again.  It's a frustrating result because it's the play with the highest win probability (according to my model).

While MLB results have been decent to date, I decided to put MLS on the back burner until I can improve my soccer models.  NHL playoffs will start shortly.

4/11 starting bankroll:  0.92963

Yankees -108 L (POD)
Cardinals +114 W
Twins +150 L
Mariners +128 W
Indians -101 L
Blue Jays +107 L
Pirates -102 L
Astros +113 L
Diamondbacks +208 W
Cubs -103 W
Royals +119 W

Daily W-L:  5-6, +0.00340
Daily ROI:  +9.50%
Cumulative W-L:  99-129, -0.31697
Cumulative ROI:  -15.32%

Ending bankroll:  0.93303

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