Sunday, April 19, 2015

Kelly Index Wagering Results 4/18

The start of NBA was not successful even though I only had two basketball wagers.  Overall a poor day and a new low point for the bankroll.

It seems I always get crushed on the Saturday schedule.  That could be some memory bias (as we all remember the soul crushing days) but it's been awhile since I can remember a great weekend.

I'm not feeling very energetic this week but I will try to keep up as best I can.  

4/18 starting bankroll:  0.93021

Mil. Bucks +309 L

Mavericks +180 L
Min. Wild +126 L
Red Wings +161 L
Penguins +161 W
Jets +126 L
TB Rays -103 L
Tigers -119 L (POD)
Braves +131 L
Phillies +154 W
Indians -102 W
Padres +101 L
Orioles +122 W
Diamondbacks +128 L
Rockies +169 L
Rangers +190 L

Daily W-L:  4-12, -0.02208
Daily ROI:  -31.57%
Cumulative W-L:  131-178, -0.34187
Cumulative ROI:  -14.28%

Ending bankroll:  0.90813

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