Wednesday, September 13, 2006

I'm Half Packed.....

Some Prima sites and Crypto sites are starting to turn away US customers. If all sites in those networks follow suit, it would put a serious dent in the bonus whoring community.

I see the PPA is running a phone campaign aimed at senators. I'm ashamed to say Hillary Clinton is my senator and she can do pretty much anything she wants, because she has so much political leverage in NY state. Although we have a lame duck Republican governor the state is as Democratic as it gets. (I belong to the Libertarian Party.)

Wouldn't it be funny if the Department of Justice arrested Howard Lederer et al like they've arrested the sports book CEO's? I can just see Mike Matusow, Jesus Ferguson, Phil Ivey and Clonie Gowen all arriving in US federal court dressed in Full Tilt garb. The point I'm making is they're all breaking the same federal law, so be even handed about it and arrest them all.

The legality of online poker has to resolve itself in the near future. Either way I'm covered (Thank you, Canada!) but for now it's putting a crimp in my split-pot style.

Football Lock of the week: NCAA Wake Forest @ UCONN (-6). Although Uconn is a relatively new 1A program, they score points and are tough at home - plus Wake lost their starting QB. NFL Rams (-3) @ 49ers. SF is improving every week but STL has too much firepower and a better defense. [2006 record 3-0.]

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