Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Giving Thanks

Hell yeah, I'm thankful.

First of all, I'm thankful for my family. They support me even though... well, I'm out there. They realize I will work hard in my endeavors, because it's my passion. They also understand I've made a lot of decisions this past year which put my family first. Keeping the family on course has been a drain on me, but as I tell my little sister, I'm building up my karma account. We could all stand to bank a little karma.

I'm thankful for Omaha Hi/Lo. All varieties. The game I never wanted to embrace turned out to be the key to unlocking my winning ways. It made me a better Hold 'Em player and a better Stud player. Even bad days at O8 are easily shrugged off - I usually make the right reads and the cards just didn't help me out. I still realize there's lots of room for improvement, although I'm getting better at adjusting to table conditions and not just nut peddling.

I'm thankful for the B.C. Lions (and the CFL), because they are BANK. Why more cappers don't play CFL, I'll never know. Anyway, thanks to the BC Lions and their Grey Cup, I now have a new Sony Mylo, complete with 12 months free T-Mobile hotspot WiFi. No more lugging my laptop around on trips.

Finally, I'm thankful that I'm real to myself. I have many flaws, but I still have a healthy amount of integrity. I've always blogged for myself and I'm happy to share my thoughts with anyone who wants to read. This site has always been a forum for self-expression above all else.

Now, I enjoy the perks of blogging, such as paid advertisers. I understand some people blog for money, or as a means to generate traffic for some financial benefit. But I'll never generate fake buzz on this blog to drive traffic here or anywhere else. I think that's -EV long term, even if you're a professional uber blogger.

Football Lock of The Week (Thanksgiving Edition): NCAA, Boston College (-4) @ Miami. Plain and simple, BC has more to play for. NFL, Dolphins @ Lions (+3). Neither team is consistent - I expect Harrington will hear footsteps in his return to Ford Field. [2006 Record 15-10]

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