Friday, November 17, 2006

I Get It... But I Don't Get It.

Which can sum up my view of this here pokerbloggershpere thingy. As the online poker world starts to settle a bit, it seems some of the bigger bloggers have become unsettled.

First Dr. Pauly had his blog hijacked by an AP affiliate. While this sucked, it hardly deserved the outcry it received from the community. Pauly is a good dude and I know first hand it is a frustrating experience. At least he got Blogger to respond to his emails and resurrect his address. When my original blog was hijacked during Blogger maintenance all I got was a canned response and NO help. (I guess I should take it as a compliment that my blog is worth hijacking.)

All bloggers should learn from this. Your virtual garden of words and NSFW pics can be zapped in a nanosecond. Protect what you cannot afford to lose.

Now Blogfather Iggy has promised a big announcement for about two weeks. His most recent posts indicate a "definite hiatus". Color me stupid, but is that the big announcement? Perhaps the reason for his hiatus is the big announcement and we haven't heard it yet? Again, Iggy is a MVP of this community and his retirement is worthy of a celebration. Your pimpage helped many folks in many ways, whether you realize it or not. Thank you. But... enough... with... the... tease... already.

Speaking of pimpage, I took a flyer on Review Me. It's a rather novel concept: Bloggers register on the site, and are paid to review stuff when advertisers choose their blog. To entice more signups Review Me offers bloggers some cash to review it's own site! It seems like they're real about getting this puppy off the ground. While I think the idea is neat it remains to be seen if serious money will invest in bloggers.

I have to admit that I didn't care to give up as much personal info as I did (I left the SSN# field blank). Even Blogger doesn't require as much signup information. I did learn that Review Me claims to keep all personal details private and won't sell any information.

Once you're registered, the site is easy to maneuver. Click on advertisers if you want to see which blogs are registered under specific keywords. Looking at all of the poker bloggers already listed, I ended up dead last. I'm either the cheapest date out there or I'm the last to sell out (traffic wise). However, I'm the only blog listed for chicken wings. Frank's Red Hot, I'm waiting!

Even though Review Me is sponsoring this post, I have to give a word of caution to anyone thinking of using it. Is giving up your personal information worth possible compensation? If you didn't answer "Yes!" right away, then consider waiting until it becomes more established.

Football Lock of The Week: NCAA, Illinois (-2.5) @ Northwestern. Better coach equals better team. NFL, Colts (-1) @ Cowboys. Dwight Freeney should get some sacks. CFL Grey Cup, Montreal vs. BC Lions (-7.5). I like this much better at (-7) but BC (in Winnipeg) is hard to fade. I'll pass on the Nelly Furtado halftime spectacular. [2006 Record 14-8]

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