Thursday, January 18, 2007

Blogger Gathering In Niagara Falls? Anyone?

What now? Here's what I think:

Everyone meets in Buffalo/Niagara Falls, has a good time throwing chips and shots around over a weekend.

On our way to Fallsview or Casino Niagara poker rooms, we stop at a UPS store and open some mailboxes.

Leave your mailbox keys with me and I will forward all of your mail to the states.

Guess what? Now you can use Neteller with your new mailbox address. Just use your Neteller card to withdraw cash.

Beauty, eh? Let's take off to great white north. The back bacon's on me.

Feedback or suggestions welcome.

(ETA: I see Katitude is setting up a get together in T.O. (that's Toronto, not Terrell Owens). They're planning on doing one day in the Falls. I'd be happy to meet up there on Sunday (2/11), but I'd like to get together on the Buffalo side of things that weekend.)

Football Lock of the Week: NFL, Patriots @ Colts (-3). It's Indy's year, plain and simple. I also like the Bears (-2.5), especially if it's cold (below 20 degrees). [2007 Record 1-0]


SirFWALGMan said...

Feb 9th or 19th or something everyone IS going to meet in Niagra. I can look up the specifics if you want.

Buffalo66 said...

Any links, Waffles? All of my regular reads show no mention of this.

I do have some hook ups w/ hotels in the area, if peeps are really coming.