Monday, January 15, 2007

Connection Problems, Including The Flop

My internet connection is driving me nuts. I have cable internet with Super G WiFi (108mpbs). My router is only about 30 feet from my desk. I can surf, email, download, etc. with relative ease. However, the whole damn setup HATES Stars. I cannot play one table without my connection to the server dropping repeatedly.

This frustration has me considering moving back to Full Tilt. I haven't had any problems there with my WiFi, but the FTP servers seem to crash on a regular basis during my play. (Let me rephrase that - FTP seems to crash a lot.) They always claim software updates or improvements, but this has gone on for over a year (in my experience).

I purchased a 50' ethernet cable, which allows my to play hassle free at night. (The cable would block traffic in the house during the day.) But goddammit - What's the use of WiFi if you can't use it for your most important application?

I had a crappy week at the tables. I had four -30BB O8 sessions, but only one which I played truly horrible. I'm running bad - I can't remember the last time my nut flush/nut low completed at a table. I would estimate about 2000+ hands ago. When I'm spooked like this I play short, but given the circumstances, it's the way to go. Pass the tin foil hat.

God knows I should be playing more Razz tourneys. Forget the points, I should swim in more dead money.

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