Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Buffalo Bacony Goodness

I got to spend the weekend in downtown B-lo, enjoying cold beverages to go with the cold weather. The Sabres were cold also, losing back to back games in regulation.

I visited Seneca-Niagara for the first time this year, playing 2/4 LHE on Saturday afternoon. After getting up about $50, I lost two large pots and cashed out down $8 when the two biggest donators busted. My buddy Z scored a $35 profit on his first try at live play. Congrats!

Although I didn't get to see everyone I'd hoped to meet, it was nice to get out of the crib for a few days.

Finally, another reason for bloggers to gather in Buffalo:

For all of you bacon fans out there, The Century Grill now offers bacon night on Saturdays. That's right, every Saturday from 5pm-Midnight they hand out free bacon at the bar. Naturally, Sunday should become Lipitor night.

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