Friday, November 28, 2008

Back On The Chain Gang

Thanks to everyone who sent me well wishes this week. I was quite sick, surprisingly so. I'm running about 92% efficiency today. Getting better every day.

Words to the wise: Get your flu shot!

I managed to sneak in some fantasy hockey during my illness, and I'm currently sitting on a three day winning streak. In fact, the last two nights were perfectos, going 10/10 and 3/3.

Unfortunately, with my big loser in week 12 football, I'm down for the month. I'm running out of days to make it into the black.

The most interesting development of the last week is my nebulous return to online poker. I started playing on Stars again, since I had a bonus to clear. After a few sessions of LO8 cash games, I realized I was doing pretty well. Either I got a lot better or the competition has softened up. Maybe a little of both.

I just a few short days I've managed to clear a 20x bonus and make silver star, after not playing on Stars in a few months. I've finally found a poker niche to grind, just hours before the 60 Minutes piece is going to smear "teh pokers" and perhaps ruin the fish pool. C'est la vie.

I also played in Pauly's Turkey Cup last night, going out on the first hand, and taking home "Gigli" honors for a last place finish. The hand details are on my twitter page.

Glad to be back at it.

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