Friday, November 14, 2008

Slowly Turning The Titanic Around

(But parallel parking her is a bitch.)

I managed to put together four straight winning days on FSL, cutting my November losses by more than half. I ended up a loser last night, but only by a few clams.

I have experimented with some hoops strategies and found one that seems to work. However, not enough data yet to risk serious cash.

Hockey is continuing along quite well, although I'm having trouble finding HU action beyond one or two tilts.

Football plays: CFL, BC Lions @ Calgary (-6). Going with the hot team, can the Stampeders beat the Lions for the 4th time? NCAA, Tulsa (-4) @ Houston. High score favors the Golden Hurricane. NFL, Cowboys (-1) @ Redskins. It all hinges on Romo's performance. [2008 YTD 20-22-1.]

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Schaubs said...

Go Lions!

I am getting crushed in hockey these days, not putting enough time and thought into my pcks.