Sunday, November 16, 2008

48 Hour Hiatus...

... to count my winnings! It was a good day. My 2nd best single day on record.

I managed to cash in 44 of 61 contests, for a whopping ROI of +119.11%. Money wise, this was awful close to my one day record in October.

Some interesting thoughts on today:

-I played contests in 4 of the 5 sports offered by FSL: Football, hoops, hockey and NASCAR. Baseball is out of season.

-I donated in hoops again. I played two $1 contests and was the ignorant victim of another suspension - Matt Barnes. I assumed (incorrectly) that like Nash, he had served his time.

-Kaiseroll13 and myself had the EXACT SAME ROSTERS in two different football caps. This resulted in the both of us splitting a fair amount of prize money. It appears we won a similar amount of contests today.

-I'm hoping to have won the "Chase for the cash" contest. I had a big lead with 2 weeks left. Lost most of it last week, but finished high enough this week (46 behind the winner) that I should take home the $50 prize. Free money is always yummy.

I'm headed off to Buffalo for the Bills/Browns game and attempted socialization afterwards. Looking forward to seeing some old friends and having good eats and drinks.

Unlikely I'll be on FSL Monday, so load up on your plays without me.


etoppsfan said...

Congrats on your big day. What is the "chase for the cash" contest?

Buffalo66 said...

Chase for the cash is a FSL NASCAR promo.