Tuesday, December 30, 2008

The City Of Good Neighbors

Buffalo is known as "The city of good neighbors" (among other things). Although I'm not in Buffalo at the moment - I'm in the Finger Lakes - I still consider myself a WNYer.

What I love about Buffalo - that few cities have - is that it is a "small town" with big city amenities. No parking hassles. Great public transportation. NFL and NHL (sans championships, I know). Warm greetings almost everywhere I went. And a circle of friends that continues to grow, even though I don't reside downtown anymore.

Although I have never met Vinnay in person, I'm sure we have a few friends in common. Buffalo is just like that. When I heard about his friend Jeff - and his devastating loss - I decided to chip in a few bucks. I'm certainly not flush by any means, but every bit helps, right?

So I know a few other bloggers have already reported this, but go check out the site Help Jeff Out and see if you can do anything.

There's a benefit on 1/11 at the Old Pink, one of my former hangouts. If I can make it to B-lo that week, I'll be there with bells on.

Good luck, Jeff.

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