Thursday, January 01, 2009

Resolve? I Got Your Resolve Right Here, Buddy!

Happy New Year.

December was a winning month all around. I finished fantasy with an ROI of +14.36%. (I did have a little 0 for 21 skid that hurt the final tally.)

In poker I cleared two bonuses and after subtracting that amount out, I finished up +6BB. Six bets.

So what's on tap for 2009? More of the same? Not exactly.

I'll continue to play fantasy contests, perhaps even expand to other sites. I'm considering dabbling in basketball again, but mostly getting ready for NASCAR and baseball.

I could spend an entire post just talking about poker, so I'll save that for an upcoming post in a few days.

Any resolutions? Just two:

First, I'm going to finally build a CD ladder. Yields can only go up from here, so I probably cannot pick a safer (or worse) time to start one.

And finally, less shoveling, ldo.

Football plays: NCAA, Sugar Bowl, Utah (+9) vs. Alabama. Strictly a cover play. NFL, Ravens @ Dolphins (+3.5). Give Miami an edge on experience and kicking, plus home field. [2009 YTD 0-0.]

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