Friday, December 19, 2008

Jaded and Torn

I'm beginning to find my poker niche. I play short 30 minute sessions, usually twice a day. Results have been good.

However, this probably precludes me from getting anywhere near gold VIP. The grind of a multi-hour session wears you down quickly. I'm not feelin' it anymore these days.

I've had a great week playing fantasy hockey. Although I lost a happy meal last night, I've been winning big for the last week. I'm a big fish in a small pond at FSL.

Which brings me to the news that Snapdraft has launched fantasy hockey. I have not participated yet, because I'm torn. I want to be faithful to FSL for a variety of reasons - mainly because they have a better game. But the FSL player pool is small and it doesn't look like they are doing too much to grow it.

Snapdraft has a much higher rake, but they offer way more multi player games and assuming I can compete at the same level, I should be able to turn a profit.

I see Kaiseroll13 is playing snapdraft (look for Patrick K. on the leader board) so he obviously sees some value there as well.

Football picks: NCAAF, TCU vs. Boise St. (+2.5). Broncos are ALWAYS prepared. NFL, Cardinals (+9) @ Patriots. Strictly a cover play. [2008 YTD 26-27-1. Thanks, Jeff Fisher.]

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