Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Fantasy Sites That Sleep With The Fishes

Now that I've given up online poker, I'm looking for new places to play fantasy contests.

(BTW, I was invited to a 40k freeroll on Stars last Saturday. I did play. Cashed for a measly 60 clams.)

Every reader knows I play almost exclusively on Fantasy Sports Live (bonus code "BUFFALO" FTW!). But I'm looking to spread my wings to other sites as baseball season approaches.

As I've been checking out the other sites, all I can say is, "W. T. F. happened"?

I started playing fantasy on GameDayDraft, before FSL even launched. They had a nice simple interface. Even though their games were not as good as FSL, they never had technical problems and paid very promptly.

Then GDD "re-launched" about 6 months ago. Their site is difficult to maneuver, and the traffic is non-existent. I just checked the lobby and the only hockey contests going tonight are play money.

I'm not sure I would trust a deposit there at this point.

I also checked out Draftmix, as a fellow FSL player was very excited about their contests. However, after two years they still do not offer hockey contests. (Nice hockey stick in the logo, BTW.)

With my last visit to the site there are no contests running, only results from freerolls played during the NFL regular season. Hmmm. I thought this site was funded with seven figures of venture capital? Again, I wouldn't trust a deposit there.

Most of us know InstantFantasySports was shut down several months ago, claiming it had been bought. Its URL now points to Snapdraft, so I guess that answers the "Who bought it?" question.

There's a new player in the market, DraftHero/DraftBug. Apparently this is a fantasy platform with multiple skins. However, you cannot look at the lobby without signing up. So I'm in the dark on this one. I do know that there's no hockey at the moment.

Snapdraft has been getting tons of traffic. I'm going to take a shot at it after the NHL All-Star break. I would like to wait for a better option, but that is where the action takes place. It's kinda like Party Poker back in the day: Deposit bonus, no rakeback, steep rake and plenty of fish.

[ETA: A quick internet search unearthed two more sites, 365FantasySports and DailyFantasyAction. No idea if these are legit or live at the moment.]


themaroon said...

I don't know who told you we were funded with venture capital, but we're not. We are well-funded though, and in fact profitable, so your deposits are more than safe with us. We are retooling the site quite a bit so there won't be basketball or hockey this year.

-Matt Maroon,

Buffalo66 said...


I hope your site makes a comeback, because I would like as many viable fantasy options as possible.

Your very own blog implies you funded your site with VC:

If it is not VC, then privately funded, or whatever you want to call it. It's not the point here.

I'm disappointed. I expected more by now from many of the sites, not just yours exclusively.