Saturday, January 17, 2009

A Question For The Poker Players -

What do you feel is the appropriate bankroll for playing MTT's? For example, 180 player tourneys?

50 buy-ins? 100? Some other amount?

I'm trying to estimate what is needed to attack some multi-player fantasy games. These are usually 25-50 player, but winner take all. Mile high variance.

Football pick: NFL, Eagles @ Cardinals (+4). Going with the home dog. [2009 YTD 2-2.]


Schaubs said...

I would say 50-60.

Maybe even more if its winner take all (not the usual ~10%?)

Buffalo66 said...

In a typical poker tournament, (like a 180 sng) the top 10% get paid.

In a 10 player winner take all, the top 10% gets paid too. (In a 20 player, top 5% gets paid.)

Just trying to figure out how much bankroll is really needed to take on these larger contests.

There is enough dead money to make it worthwhile.